This I Believe

Elizabeth - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

A healthy body should be one of everyone’s top ten priorities. To pursue your goals in life you must have a healthy body. Of course keeping a healthy body involves eating and exercising. It also involves making the right decisions. Poor decisions can be harmful or even fatal. To respect your body you must make wise decisions, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. I believe these ideas should be embraced by every person.

Cracking under peer pressure is a great example of making a harmful and disrespectful decision. The one who pressures you may not get hurt; you might. A lot of kids get pressured to drink. Drinking is very bad for you health. By drinking too much you can get alcohol poisoning, which can kill you. Why would you treat your body like it is not valuable?

Smoking is a horrible and disgusting lack of respect for your self. Whether you smoke cigarettes, marijuana, or crack, the damage can be fatal. It is a horrible habit to get into. It shows that you have a lack of respect for the benefits of good health. Your body isn’t an ashtray, so why are you treating it like one?

Engaging in promiscuous behavior is another way to treat your body poorly. Underage sexual activity is showing that you have no respect for yourself or your body. There are many consequences of this choice: unwanted pregnancy, STDs, emotional pain, and/or loss of your reputation, which is important to total health.

In conclusion, I believe everyone should treat their body and themselves with respect. Making wise decisions will benefit your health and your life. A healthy body equals a happy life. Respect your body and take pride in who you are. Having a healthy body is a privilege, keeping it like that is your responsibility. This is what I believe!