This I Believe

Alicia - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What makes you different from the person you’re sitting next to? Do standards and labels really make a person different from another? We all breathe, eat, sleep, we all have hearts. So what’s the difference? The clothes we wear, the people we hang out with, or is it that things we do or say? Or is it our race or where we’re born? We tear each other apart because of these little things? We do, and it’s happening more and more. And it’s getting out of hand.

We don’t accept people that our different from us. We base it on our looks clothes and how we live. Maybe even hair color or eye color will be the way people choose their friends. We base our friends on our personalities and what’s the most similar. But still we have many differences yet we’re still friends. But we don’t accept others who have nothing in common with you or your friends. That’s why you reject them as your friend. Why though? Just because they’re different?

Basing everything on how they look and how they act is not what you should do yet we still do it. How would you feel if you were being treated they way you treat others? We were taught this in pre-k yet we still refuse to listen to this. That’s why everyone isn’t friends with one another. We pick and choose like which food we want to eat. Does it make that big of a difference wither we wear a certain type of clothes or have a certain style?

People have no right to discriminate, yet we still do. We can’t accept others because we secretly don’t accept ourselves. We’re so subconscious of our own selves and how we look we have to have friends who do the same. We have to fit and get acceptance from others. Wither it’s a friendly smile or a lovable hug. We search for acknowledgement from others, the praise.

But what really makes you think you’re better than the others for you to choose and tell who is good and who is not? We all are the same, our heart beats, we all talk, we all live. Yet we still can’t accept that everyone is different in good ways, not bad. It’s not bad to be unique but when told it is, it makes you think that. People need things they’ve seen before they don’t like new things that’s why we choose and pick what we like and don’t.