This I Believe

Kimberly - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Whenever I have a difficulty I turn to my best friend for advice, she’s my Dr. Phil. I believe that when a person has a best friend, one on whom they can count, they have one of life’s most important gifts.

If I need help with a decision, I would ask my “bestie” what to do. Most of the time her help is genius, she provides me with ideas that would never come to my mind. A best friend is like your favorite accessory – it adds something special! Sometimes when we’re together we talk about things that are going on in our lives. That’s what true best friends do, they spend time together just talking their lives out. She understands everything I come from, and every issue that’s going wrong, or perhaps something that’s actually going right that I just need to share with her, knowing she’ll listen and have a say to one of the issues.

I only see my “bestie” Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. We dance together and have and have a trio together for competition. We both love it and have been dancing for a very, very long time. Therefore we became almost inseparable. Usually we spend Friday nights together and go to competition practices early Saturday mornings. Our moms are close too, they go to every competition and sit and watch us perform, together.

Sometimes we argue but there’s always an end to it, because we usually say sorry knowing that nothing could break our bond. Once we even fought over a guy! That only lasted till I had to realize a decision had to be made, on the end it worked out so that all three of us were friends again. Mostly our fights are about guys and who’s not right for whom, but it’s all childish and passes over in a day or two.

Even though she’s two years older than me I feel were like identical twins. We even look the same! Were both are tiny and have brownish hair, with greenish eyes. What’s even more exciting is that she’s getting her drivers license next year meaning we’ll spend even more time together. Having a best friend truly makes living a whole lot easier, and a whole lot less lonely.