This I Believe

Danielle - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I Believe

Everyday kids my age sit down in front of the computer or the TV for hours and hours unlike the very active generations of the past. Going back a few decades, most pre-teens and teens would spend more time outside with their friends and barely any time inside. Being physically fit and active is very important to keep yourself healthy, but most teens don’t care about staying in-shape. Many teens are so out of shape that it has become so hard to get active; they find themselves in a vicious cycle. Statistics have shown that our country is one of the “biggest” countries in the world, meaning the people who live here are very overweight and mostly sedentary. I believe kids and teens should be involved more with sports and physical activities than with electronic devices that exercise only your fingers.

In school, we sit in chairs for most of the day and twice a week we go to gym class. Too much time is spent working at computers and desks, with little moving around, Sitting around all day is teaching this generation that physical activity aren’t important. In school, we should be able to get up and have breaks to walk around and stretch out if we need to. During gym class, we play out-of-date games that don’t benefit us physically. Our gyms should be turned into state-of-the-art fitness rooms, where students could exercise and burn calories. The physical education teachers should be teaching us how to stay in shape and helping us achieve fitness goals. If we did physical activities that will help us stay in shape, maybe our generation would not be as lazy as we are today; physical activity is motivating!

Most teens are so out of shape that they can’t even walk a mile. Being able to walk a mile could help us in the future. If students would walk to school, they would be making good progress towards fitness. Even a mile or two a week would help.

Being Physically fit, doesn’t come easily to everyone. There needs to be more motivation. The natural athletes, to whom fitness comes easily, seem to win all the awards. How about awards for some of the less fit kids who are trying hard to improve their physical condition? In gym class, providing activities at which all kids can success would also boost motivation and help more kids get fit.

Being physically fit is not all about sports. When you hear adults talking about laziness, most of the time all they say is the kids don’t play sports. Just walking or running a mile once a week can keep anybody in shape. If you can get up off the couch once a day and ride a bike or walk around the block or jump rope for a few minutes, you might be able to get yourself in shape easily without doing sports.

I personally dance four days a week and most of my friends do some kind of physical activity. If adolescents around our country could get influenced to become active and get in shape by reading this essay and many others, then I am glad that I have made my point.