This I Believe

Gabriel - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe Essay

Video games have their place, but they should not take over a young person’s life.

Video games are fun! They can enhance a person’s knowledge of technology, and are a benefit to eye-hand coordination. Researchers have found that educational video games can help a student’s reading and spelling skills, and that student’s ability to work together with friends is increased by sharing gaming strategies. However, games can also be addictive, causing students to give up other opportunities to sit in front of a TV.

The answer is in finding a balance. There is time in a week for a student to play video games and also do other activities. Sports are important activities for young people. Sports provide exercise, fresh air, and team building experiences. I have many favorite sports such as football, fishing, snowboarding, basketball, bowling, and a lot others. I also spend time doing homework, reading, and listening to music.

One way to find time for all these activities is to plan. If a student limits video game time to weekends, he or she has five days to fit in other activities. No one needs to spend more than ten to sixteen hours a week playing video games. Weekday evenings should be dedicated to homework, team practices and other activities. This plan allows for a young person to try many different activities, and still have fun with Call of Duty IV, Halo III, Gears of War, and other popular video games.

Trying a wide range of activities, and not getting hooked on one is a good life plan. This is what I believe.