This I Believe

Beth - Runnells, Iowa
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


There is one thing that has always been there for me no matter what: my bed. It’s not just any bed. My bed is a big, warm, comfy bed; the bed of all beds. Ever since I was little my bed has been there for me. I would get extremely sick every winter, and I would stay in my bed and get better. When I would get in trouble and sent to my room, I would run and hide in my safe bed, away from the rest of the unfair world. My bed was especially helpful after a long day when my body was so exhausted; I could just lie in my bed and everything would be better.

For little kids their bed is their playground, their hangout, an adventure. I used to make tents and play with my stuffed animals in my bed; it was a place of my own; my secret that nobody knew about. I could imagine and pretend anything I wanted, especially on those rainy, thundering nights. I would pretend I was fearless. Nobody to judge or pressure, nobody but me.

A little child usually always has a stuffed animal or a security blanket with them when sleeping. It helps them sleep in this lonely, scary world. As you get older and marry you have your husband or your wife next to you; protecting you from this scary world. It’s a safe place your bed. The one thing that is always here for me, no matter what, through the good and the bad: my big, warm, comfy bed.

My bed does not judge, get mad, or complain. My bed comforts, protects, and heals. I believe in my big, warm, comfy bed. Through all of the house moves and all the times my mom has left on long army trips, my bed has always comforted me. What person hasn’t run to her bed crying her eyes out? We always run to the safest place we know. A place that welcomes challenges, troubles, and tears, but brings only happiness, dreams, and peace. Its colors might have changed. The number of pillows might have multiplied by ten, but it is still my big, warm, comfy bed.

Everyone in the world wants her family and her kids to have a bed to sleep in and food on their plates. A bed is more of a symbol, a symbol of home and security. Parents want reassurance that their child has a familiar place to fall asleep and wake up in. There are different kinds of beds all throughout the world, but no matter where you are or what kind of bed you have, you know you are home. That is what a bed represents.

I believe in big, warm, comfy beds. My bed is my protector, my comfort, and my healer. My bed is the one true thing that has been there for me throughout my years and never left my side. My appearance will change and also will my beds, but I still wake up and go to sleep every day knowing that it will always be there.