The Easy Road

Dexter - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: work

This person was plagued throughout his career with negative comments about his size. People said he was too small to play professional football. He did not let comments such as these hinder his success. He worked, and worked, and worked on his speed and skills. He received the Jim Thorpe award in college, awarded to the best cornerback in the nation. He also set an NCAA record in interception yards and was named a 1st-team All-American. He got drafted, played, and even started on a number of NFL teams. He played in the NFL for 15 years. This man was Terrell Buckley, a 5’9” defensive back in the NFL knew very well the value of hard work. However, we as Americans claim to be so stressed because we are working so hard and so much. However, I believe in hard work. It is hard work that leads to improvement and later results. It is the hard work that makes a reward all the more satisfying. Most of the people who are successful today rose to their position in society because of dedication to achieving a goal. There are a select few who are born into wealth and others who are just extremely lucky, but these few represent a small minority. The majority however can clearly see that hard work pays off. Our presidents, the people who we see on television playing sports, and business owners, to name a few, are all hard workers. We as Americans take hard work for granted. Because of the media, our computer based age, and advertising, we have lost appreciation and the will to setting our minds to a task that is difficult and completing it.

Let us consider the plight of many Mexicans who come to America. I do not intend to debate on the legal ramifications of whether they should be here or not or whether the United States should remove them or prevent them from coming into the country. Rather, I would like to consider the life of most Mexican immigrants who have to perform strenuous physical labor for minimum wage pay. They have to believe in hard work in order to survive. At the opposite end of the spectrum let us examine the patent lawyer who must spend years in college, graduate school, etc. He is the one who stays up late nights only to wake up to full days in court or doing more research. He works about as hard as any, and he is rewarded with substantial pay.

Hard work can even apply to relationships. It takes work for a marriage to last, or any relationship for that matter. Both parties must consciously submit and sacrifice to each others needs which is not at all an easy task when considering the human ego. They have to consciously make sure not to do things that anger the other party. Each person has to give up things and spend time and effort cultivating the relationship or it will not last. Those who do not put the work in do not receive the benefits. However, those who work hard on and in their relationships know that the value of a strong relationship cannot be measured.

If nobody believed in hard work, can you imagine how our society, how our country, how our world would be? There would not be any railroads, cars, lights, computers, or any of the devices that we take for granted which make life so comfortable. Hard work is the foundation of civilization as we know it hence the reason for my firm belief in it.