This I Believe

Brenda - Richmond, Virginia
Entered on February 3, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

After twenty five years of living with abuse in a marriage, I had all I could take and moved out as soon as my husband went to work one Wednesday morning. My oldest son threw my clothes out of a window in black trash bags, telling me if I came back, I would deserve what I received. You cannot deal with a sociopath who would not take medication.

I met someone through a friend who taught me that love is unconditional and that you hold onto your friends, you do not lose them. He loaned me a vehicle when my ex and the DMV found some ancient rule that forced me to park my car because they took the tag. My friend put one of his UD tags on the car and the DMV came after it also. It took a while but he was able to purchase another one.

The drama was ongoing. My ex went to jail for several days and my sons would not get him out and he had to secure a bail bondsman and it goes on and on. The final straw was when he was going to kill me and my sister. Our friend hid us in his house, other people’s houses and motels. I asked him what made him so good as I was crying my eyes out and he said you do what you want to do and that I was to help every person I could help and tell them it was from Joe, his name. Country singer Clay Walker has a song about “From Joe”.