This I Believe

Elena - Freehold, New Jersey
Entered on February 3, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

A Grandmother with Parkinson’s disease

At an early age, my children used to compare me with “Tickle me Elmo”, I used to wonder why, until my grandson received one as a Christmas gift. I then realized why I was referred to as an Elmo, I was always laughing and shaking,

From being a mother and becoming a grandmother was not an easy transition, I had very much control of my children’s behavior but with a grandchild, I learned to step back and allow my daughter take full charge and I would just give my grandchild the attention and love that only a mother with experience can emit: a love of a grandmother and spoil him rotten.

I learned that I mimic my mother and so many ways unintentionally but I correct what I think needs improvement, and try to be better parent.

I have come to realize how much influence a mother has over their children. I strongly believe that it mainly depends on moms how the next generation will evolve. Moms teach their children the basic concepts on how to face the world. As they mature they will develop their own personality and hoping they make good decision, become a better person.

I now see I was their “tickle me Elmo” and they didn’t want the toy, they wanted me.

I guess, thanks to Parkinson’s disease, I shook enough and with a smile, I would interact with my children, conceal the discomfort that this illness brought along and see them smile.

We ought to learn to show that magical feeling that only a mother can give, and Parkinson’s or not, tickle your children and grandchildren’s lives with a big smile.

Thank you mother (Clara) for making me be what I now am, thank you my children (Gisselle, Tiffany and Vanessa) for allowing me into your lives accepting all my flaws and thank you Justin (my grand child) for letting me be your “Elmo”.