This I Believe

Cheryl - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 1, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: family, love

My Dad died at the age of 86, he was a Salesman, a Special Education Teacher and the father of five. He died three months after my Mother died. He was sickly most of his life and struggled with various lung and respiratory maladies, many doctors told my Mother repeatedly over their 50 year marriage that he could die at any time. We pretty much expected it but of course he proved them all wrong.

I believe that love kept him alive a lot longer than any Doctor could predict. That love was the love that he had for my Mother.

He fought through all his illnesses to survive for her.

Once my Mother died of a massive stroke he no longer had a reason to keep fighting for every breath, she was gone.

He followed her three months later and I believe he was with us as long as he was because of his love for her. Shortly before he died, I asked him if he would try and stay with us, and he just smiled and wiggled both his ears as he did many times before to make us laugh and shook his head,

It was the last time I ever saw him wiggle those ears. I believe love is more powerful than anything else we know and has shaped my belief in the human spirit.

This I believe.