Leeched, Lost, Betrayed

John - Yelm, Washington
Entered on February 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The status of the thing at hand

Is worse than those whom thought it grand

And all the while things worsened more

The man himself soon became bored

The life you thought you wanted most

Is in fact more like parasite and host

For none can tell the sorrows held

Within the heart of the human shell

His heart once golden and bursting with pride

Has now become dark and shriveled inside

With all remnants of kindness leeched from his whole being

By the evil, vile leeches he helps without seeing.

Alas, the poor soul darkens more by the day

And is soon to be lost, no light again to portray

As they surround him again for their final goodbye

No whimper, nor moan, nor sad, mournful cry.

A simple goodbye with a hard, befuddling laugh

And a will to prevail until the last.

The last breath that he breathes on that cold lonely day

Will be at the fault of those who he has turned into his prey.

They never did realize when the change did occur

For their hearts and their eyes were hazed over and blurred.

Blurred with the envy, the hatred, and more,

The contempt that they felt for this golden hearted soul so often ignored.

The warnings have passed and the blessings ne’er to return

For they’ve all torched their bridges and laughed while they burned.

And the poor soul left alone that was once so proud

Will soon need to be covered with the mortician’s shroud.

This death will be placed upon the hands of these few,

Whom reveled in his demise that they personal made true.

Through the lies and prideful mistellings of untruths;

Did these traitors slowly tighten the boy’s already tight noose.

And the future for them is uncertain at best

For this boy made his life about passing this test

The test to himself that’s never been clear;

The test of himself that brought forth all his fears.

His fears now realized by these cold-hearted ones;

Those who faked loyalty in his life and now made it undone.

They’ll soon feel his anguish; they’ll soon know his fear

They’ll soon be over-run and no longer be here.