This I Believe

Wei-Yu - Syracuse, New York
Entered on January 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was a child, my Dad and I always played Chinese chess on holidays. Chinese chess is a really popular game in Taiwan. It is just like chess but the rule is a little bit different. I’ve learned that always think before moving the chess pieces from losing to my Dad again and again. In order to obtain the success, it’s important to look at the whole chess board instead of focusing at only the corner of it. I spent more time on thinking before I made any move while I was becoming a better player.

After I went to school, I was still playing Chinese chess until the third grade of my senior high school. The only way to get into the college in Taiwan is to take the College Entrance Examination right after the graduation. Because of that, we had to decide which department we would study in before we had a chance to know what would be taught in that department. There are many people who decide to give up their college lives after their failure of making accommodations to a major which they are not interested in. Instead of spending all my time preparing the exam, I spent lots of time thinking what I should study in college, asking people for advices, and making the decision by my interests and what I’m good at. Now I’m a PhD student in Electrical Engineering, which is the same major as I had in college.

I am a person who always feels that there is never enough time to try different things, to learn new stuffs, and to enjoy my life. Always think before doing is my personal philosophy. In my mind, I have a path leading to my life goal so that I can always know what to do and follow the direction to where I want to be.