A Heart’s Desire Can Do the Impossible

Eddie - Iron City, Georgia
Entered on January 31, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe dreams are people’s desires to perform the impossible through their hearts. I have gained this belief through many events in my personal life. Some of these events include going back to school as well as graduating, never giving up in tough situations, and becoming a college student.

Graduation is a dream that every human dreams when they start school. In today’s world, many never see graduation. Some reasons include a bad home life, pregnancy, or some other complication. My reason for quitting was home life, but graduation from high school was a dream for me. I dropped out at the end of my junior year because I felt it was too late for me to achieve this dream. My grades were low; I had poor attendance and no motivation to keep trying. Yet, my heart had a desire I couldn’t ignore. Plc Westside High made it happen by giving me the dream to graduate with my graduating class. I went back to school in the second semester of 2005 as a junior and I had to take twice as many classes as that of a normal student to graduate. I did it. It took hard work, determination, and belief. I graduated in 2006. My belief in the using my heart to accomplish any dream began to develop the most from this part of my life.

Hundreds of people give up their dreams everyday. Some have bad circumstances in their life such as drugs, teen pregnancy, and broken homes, but one’s heart can overcome those trials. I had challenges in my life that prevented me from certain things but I never gave up. I had a “father” figure that never gave up one me. He was there encouraging me through the days I couldn’t dry my eyes. Like the days I had to endure watching my immediate family use drugs. Yet he still encouraged me to go on. His name was John Hinson. “Everyday is another challenge, the only difference is whether you give up or you push against the flow of life and make a stand,” was a quote to his students. He was a teacher that gave me and many more the courage to fight against the odds. Personally, he always told me, “No matter where you come from son, you can achieve anything you desire if you are willing to believe.” I had to let go of the past and look towards the future. I had to fight for my dreams. Because of John Hinson I learned never giving up will let your heart perform the impossible.

I wouldn’t be a college student now if I hadn’t followed my heart. Going to college was a dream. I am the first and only in my family to reach this point in life. Most of my family quit school and never attempted college. They didn’t believe in themselves or in their dreams either. College is a lot more difficult than high school. It is tougher, more challenging and takes courage to venture into its environment. I, however, have succeeded in being a student. I have performed what many people dream. I had to go the distance and not let any obstacle stand in my way. My dream of being in college has happened. This accomplishment has strengthened my belief in following your heart will lead you to doing the impossible.

Being a dreamer and performing the impossible sounds easy and at the same time, seems like miles away. It is always hard to believe in dreams, but at the end of the day when it comes down to it and you think, “I have accomplished my dream,” you believe a little more. You know the next impossible step in life is a little father away. The thing is, you’re at a new level in life, so your next dream is definitely going to be bigger and tougher. You have to believe in your heart even more this time.