This I Believe

Scott - Syracuse, New York
Entered on January 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in the importance of family. I believe that your family is the most important connection you can have. I believe that your family not only shapes who you are, but who you will become, and that this shaping happens every single day.

There are many ways one can measure success; from how much money you have, to what your job title is. To me, true success is being able to support and be part of a happy, healthy family because once I have this, I have everything I’ll ever need. I’ll have people I can talk to, people I can love, and people who can love me back. I’ll have the best reason to stay motivated on my path to success and personal discovery. I’ll have a real connection to people who truly care about me.

When I was young, I received a lot of support and attention from my parents. However as the years passed I noticed their attention towards me started to fade. They became too busy with their jobs to cook family dinner, ask me about my homework assignments, or even go to my sporting events. We started to do less and less as a family. Fortunately, I had an older sister who took over their role and checked on me and was always there. It was perhaps through this lack of a “whole family” experience that I realized how important family truly is.

I have gotten so much out of my family throughout my life and I know nothing can replace those experiences. My family will always be my number one priority and my reason to live. The sense of community and caring that is created by family is an irreplaceable feeling. It always will be. Family is the most important thing I have. This, I believe.