This I Believe

Rachel - Bismarck, North Dakota
Entered on January 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

This I Believe

“Even if I knew tomorrow the world would fall to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I sometimes find my seventeen year old mind feeling as though it could cease to exist, maybe self destruct at any moment due to several daily hardships that always seem to interrupt my day. Say for example, as I am nearing the end of my rem sleep, and that annoying buzzer I am so fond of begins to ring in my ear. As I groggily look over I notice it is very late and I will be drastically tardy for school. I hop into a cold shower because my sisters have used all the hot water again and try to devour my breakfast as I walk out the door. My car doesn’t start so I have to walk to school. On the way I spill breakfast all over my newly washed clothes because of the brisk pace I set due to my lateness.

It is on these mornings I like to remember the beautiful words of Dr. King. They make me ask myself, “Why are you stressing over a cold shower when there are people who don’t have clean drinking water and would be delighted at the chance to bathe at all?” I think of the evil taking place around the world in war torn countries that thirst for peace. I cannot fathom the fear of living in a situation where you do not know where to hide your family from the constant bombs and gunfire.

In my few short years of existence I have never experienced a life altering tragedy let alone anything of this magnitude. My beliefs are still being formed, and even though I have not had first hand experience with a major affliction, I realize that hope is the basis for my beliefs.

Hope is the force that carries me from one moment to the next. The idea that something greater is yet to come motivates me to be better. Without hope there is no reason to be resilient. Life would be monotonous and impossible to face. Hope keeps the world alive.