This I Believe

Jennifer - Poway, California
Entered on January 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in chocolate, this is believe because chocolate has the power to make any day, good or bad a little better. Chocolate is used several ways for different holidays and weather changes.

Everyone has walked down the isles at a store at the end of January, beginning of February, and seen the shelves full of heart shaped deep red and soft pink boxes, that are known to be filled with delicious creamy chocolate. It seems that most every holiday has chocolate somehow attached it. For instance a simple holiday such as Easter in my family has always meant See’s candy. My Granny started a tradition so far back I don’t even remember the first time, that around Easter she will send all the kids an Easter basket. Every year us kids know exactly what is going to be in the basket; a few of those small chocolate eggs about the size of dime. A hollow chocolate bunny, that you are not too sure if you want to eat because you swear those cute little candy eyes are saying please let me live. Then there is the huge solid chocolate egg that is the size of a grown mans fist, and when you look at it you can’t help but salivate knowing its only moments before you figure out how to open the box is safely being stored in. After you realize that the egg you took two bites into is too big for any human to eat in one sitting, even if it is a sad rainy day, you put it back in the box and before you walk away you turn around and look at one more time just to remind the egg you will be back for more later.

The weather like holidays also has an effect on what kind of chocolate you are going to have. Its not so much in the shape of the chocolate but more the form. On a rainy day or even after hitting the slopes, swearing that no matter how many time your friends say your not, you are suffering from frostbite on your nose, fingers and toes. You know there are only two things that can cure you a warm blanket and hot chocolate. I don’t think many people would turn down a nice warm cup of hot chocolate whether it is just a drizzly grey day or snowing. On the other hand you have the warm days where you have drank more water than a small pond can hold, and the thought of something other than water makes you smile. Its for days like this that Hershey’s made a bottle of chocolate syrup, that mixes so well with a tall glass of chilled milk.

Now next time you look at chocolate you are not going to be able to help but think of all the wonderfulness of chocolate. It is for all these reasons and many more that I can truly say I believe in Chocolate.