This I Believe

Beth - Covington, Kentucky
Entered on January 30, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that Americans want to be citizens again! In any economic slowdown, Washington wants us to do our part, and be “good consumers”. However, we all know it’s a role we’ve played too long. We live in a country that has given us much. Many, many generations of Americans before us, made tremendous sacifices to contribute to the freedom, prosperity, and democracy we enjoy and others around the world admire. In order to perpetuate this great country, we must be willing to value and play our role as informed and involved citizens, above our role as shoppers for the world’s goods; goods we are in many cases buying on the rest of the world’s credit.

Surely, our country deserves citizens who will set the example for Washington and Wall Street, when it seems both have lost their ways, and simply want us to “drink the kool-aid” and continue to spend money we don’t have to buy goods we don’t need. I believe we are those citizens! We feel best about ourselves when we vote in an election, volunteer at a hospital, help a neighbor, protest an injustice, teach a child, or come together as a community to right a wrong, fix a problem, or do something good and new. We have so much more to offer our country, our elected officials, and each other, beyond simply the next purchase we make, necessary or not. We can break this cycle of spending more money, by giving more of our real treasure, our time. We can live more simply, and be all the richer for it, this I believe.