This I Believe

Jeremy - Tucson, Arizona
Entered on January 30, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

“We are in control”

I believe that each and every one of us is in control of our lives and its destiny. Barring the interference of dumb luck in some cases, we make decisions every day that either contribute or detract from our fulfilling our life dreams and desires. Objective, sound decision making has been the foundational tenet of my life and has allowed me to meet every goal I’ve set for myself.

This belief was not formed in a revelation or due to a specific event in life. It was fashioned slowly and meticulously throughout my childhood forming into adulthood in all the decisions my parents assisted me in making and witnessing the outcomes. Religion and social class played a part I’m sure. I’ve had the freedom to make easy choices and the luck to not be confronted with really difficult ones. Each day we make thousands of decisions. We make decisions which have resounding impacts for years into the future.

I excitedly started my professional career out of college in advertising sales. All the sales people out there realize this is an industry where you begin to understand “living in the gray area” between what your conscience will and will not allow you to do. It was there where my decision making was challenged and my tenet fleshed out and confirmed. While I cannot claim I always landed on the correct side of the moral line, I certainly learned life was less predictable when I was on the wrong side. Through this 3 year experience I became to explicitly understand how every decision I made either contributed or acted against my success and thus brought me closer to meeting my overall professional objective.

Through the years I’ve also come to learn that emotional intelligence and understanding your “trigger points” can assist one in making level headed decisions or decide not to make others. We are always in control of how we respond to every human interaction and life event. I believe the more introspective we are in understanding our foundational beliefs and why we make the decisions we do make, we’ll be more equipped to understand how to make decisions in the future that will lead us to our ultimate goals and which ones will move us further away from it.

We are each in control. Each decision that we make is the easiest lever to pull in order to instigate positive change in our lives. Not all decisions are easy to make and the more we understand how we make decisions and the impacts those choices have we become more equipped to make better ones.

This is one of my most profound beliefs. I believe that with proper decision making abilities, we as humans can create a better world for us all to live in and interact within.