This I Believe

Zutao - Syracuse, New York
Entered on January 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was young, my father always told me “do your best”. At first, I

didn’t know the exact meaning of these words. One day, I didn’t get a

satisfy score in my favor course when I was in the elementary school.

I cried after I went home. After my father knew what happened to me,

he simply told me, once you have tried your best, you don’t need to

care too much about the result, but you need to try your best next

time. At that time, I remembered the term, “Do my best”. And I use it

to encourage myself from time to time. No matter I encounter success

or failure, I always tell myself to do my best next time. Gradually, I

know that this means a kind of life attitude. Our attitude toward life

determines life’s attitude towards us.

I still remembered the day before I took the national maths contest. I

spent a lot of time to prepare for the contest and I wanted to win the

first-class prize definitely. My father felt that I was a little

nervous before the contest. He patted my back and said, “Do your best.

It is only a test, not a big deal for you.” Then I calmed down and win

the prize as I expected. I think that the belief gave me more

confidence. I was not swayed by considerations of gain and loss.

When things go good, I will go ahead. When things go bad, I will try

to appreciate the blessings I have and what is good about my life. Do

my best next time.