This I Believe

Roseanne - Denver, Colorado
Entered on January 30, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: family, legacy

If I am unable to attend my father’s services I’d like this read on my behalf.

This my father taught me. This I believe

On the three cardinal virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity

1. FAITH. (Belief) Try to discover why, but if you don’t understand, then remember

that over hundreds of thousands of years everything has been tried. So go by blind

faith and follow the established morals and rules as a guide.

2. TRUST (Hope). If the waters are muddy, keep on trucking. Even if you don’t know

where you are going or you feel like you are spinning your wheels, work hard.

For you will become what you do. And when the mud settles, it is not that you will be

some WHERE but that you will be some THING.

3. LOVE. (Charity) Listen. Look to the heart of things. Try to discern what someone

means rather than what is said. See God from the soul as He shines through

the cracks of a person’s hardened exterior.

On his last handicapped years.

I’d ask him what he was doing and in his stoic sarcastic, wry sense, he’d always say,

“I’m watching the plants grow, what else?”

The 5502 reserve unit’s motto was “Life above all”. This is difficult. Regardless of my perception, my father taught me that whether you are a prisoner of war, a prisoner of life circumstances, or a prisoner of your own body, what matters is not quality of life but life itself. LIFE MATTERS. And to that life, he clung tenaciously.