This I Believe

Anthony - Bismarck, North Dakota
Entered on January 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe: Dreams Are Never Hopeless

I believe in pursuing my dreams, no matter what they may be. As an eight-year-old third grader, I began taking piano from a friend of my parents. I was only there because my parents thought it would be good for me to get into music, even if it just lasted a year. Little did I know that one, twenty minute piano lesson would turn into a hope for a future career. As I grew older, I gradually became more involved in music in activities such as band, choir, and musical theater.

As a freshman, the time came to register for high school. Because I was living in the district of one school, convincing my parents to let me attend the other was a nearly impossible task. I had heard the choir of my hopeful, future high school perform at a city-wide choral festival. At that moment, my mind was made up. I was going to that school. There was only one problem; my parents wanted me to go to the other school. My parents viewed my preferred educational institute to be the “bad” school. The truth was, this school was located in the lower income part of town, and that transferred to my parents as not good.

I knew that I would not win this battle without a fight. I spent about six months trying to persuade my parents to believe that sending me to this high school would be the best decision they could make. Some of my friends even tried to convince my parents along with me. Finally, after seemingly endless months and countless discussions, most of which were defeats to me, my dream came true. Within a week it was official, I was going to Bismarck High School.

Throughout my musical studies, I have decided to pursue a career in music. Many people have informed me that music is a rather difficult thing to make a living in. Though this may be true, I could not dream of doing anything else with my life. Even though your dreams might not lead you to fame or riches, I have the belief that there should never be an excuse to not pursue them with all of your heart and soul.