This I Believe

John - USA
Entered on January 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Man doesn’t govern himself. In fact he has never done, never does, and never will do. Man is governed by faith. He can live without it, but he is still governed by a simple idea that can be found in any religious teaching, that is to do good for oneself and others. It is in man’s nature to obey the Word no matter how “unreligious” they seem to be.

As a Christian, I am governed by faith. I am a humble servant of God and love all the men and women around me. To me man lives on earth to seek. All of them, without exception live to seek happiness. True happiness, according to many philosophers, writers, and humanitarians, can be attained by the sacrifice of oneself for the sake of others. To bear light in the darkness is the truest form of love and happiness. When man sees others accepting that light and thriving upon it, they themselves forget everything else in the world and feel a sense of natural euphoria that cannot be found in any drug in the world. Those who emit a radiance of such brilliance are the true believers of their faith, for in every faith, there is a God that shows love or else no one will believe in Him. Out of my life, I have personally experienced the reward of happiness. It is not a thing to be bought, nor can it be trade for anything material.

I remember when I was in middle school, back in the days, I helped the kids that did not come from the wealth. To them money is a sin because they cannot get it. In California, it’s not a paradise as most people think. There is a minority of poor people in every school. In my old school, that was definitely the case. I recall back in sixth grade, I was in drama. There was a field trip to a theme park known as Knott’s Berry Farm. Our choir and drama classes were all going to perform there. As our teacher distributed the sign up list for people to bring money for the trip around, I noticed a boy that tried to render himself invisible. At that moment, I made up my mind to do something for him.

After class ended, I walked up to him casually and struck a conversation with him. On the sly, I asked him why e didn’t sign up for the field trip. He shrugged and tried to act cool and said he didn’t want to go. It was a lame excuse, and I think he saw that I knew the truth, but he didn’t say anything and I dropped the subject.

That night when I arrived home, I asked my mom for the field trip money. Not just for me, but also extra money so the unfortunate boy could also go.

Next day in class, I explained the situation to my drama teacher and she comprehended my actions. She called the boy to her office and when he walked out, he had such a look of gratitude on his face that I could not help but laugh for that was true happiness.