This I Believe

Omar - Belleville, New Jersey
Entered on January 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Music Makes the World Go ‘Round

In my life I have found many things can cause you to feel emotion. Music I have found can cause you to feel many things and can also describe emotion. If I am happy I can listen to a pop song. If I am sad I’ll listen to an old blues song. Music can make people cheer and make them cry. It’s like taking someone’s soul and putting it into sound. It’s an entertainer that anyone can make whether it’s tapping your pencil on your desk or singing in your high school choir.

When I was smaller I was just an average kid who liked to run around everywhere and always wanted to play. One day when I came home I saw my older sister with a violin. She was learning to play in school and brought it home to practice. I had seen instruments before but never up close. When I heard her start to play I was amazed at the different sounds it could make and the way it made me feel. It’s as if I could imagine a story in my mind from the sounds it made. Later I started to search for music online or anywhere I went. I found so many things that I couldn’t believe how many different forms of music there could be.

I believe that music influences people everyday in their lives whether they realize it or not. There are so many types that to say you don’t like music is impossible because you couldn’t have heard everything. It appeals to everyone for whatever you want and is available to everyone. It can give inspiration to those who need it and make a sobbing person feel comforted. I believe that music can help make the world better. This I believe.