This I Believe

Cheryl - Boca Raton, Florida
Entered on January 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death, family, love

I believe in letting others know that I love them.

On August 5, 2006 my parents were killed in a car accident. It is tragic, and there is a painful aching pain in my heart that burns most of the time. It is like a gaping hole of a wound that I don’t know if it will ever heal or lessen.

I saw my parents the night before they were killed; we went out to dinner and sat and drank coffee around their house. They were excited, and anticipating a relaxing upcoming weekend vacation. Neither, they nor I knew that this would be the last time we talked to each other and saw each other. If we had, maybe we would have hugged a little longer or talked about more important things or I would have stayed longer. But, at least we said I love you to each other before we parted.

I am an only child, and I was very close with my parents. When my parents died, I was 27 years old and beginning to establish my own life, career, and relationship. But, they were still a security blanket to me, and their deaths shattered that. I have since tried to reestablish myself without them. As an adult before they were killed, I talked to them regularly, and almost always ended a conversation or visit with them by saying “I love you”.

I miss them terribly. The only thing I am certain of about not having them a part of my life today, is that they know that I loved them and I know that they loved me.

I try to make a habit of letting my friends and family know that I love them. I tell my husband that I love him when I am sitting next to him, and whenever we are apart, even for a minute, I tell him that I love him. I always try to make sure that others are aware of how much I love them because I never know if it is the last time I will see them.

This is why I believe in letting others know that I love them.