This I Believe

Austin - Ballwin, Missouri
Entered on January 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the goodness of humanity. I believe that all people have a sense of

kindness. With all the hatred and killing in the world, that is hard to see. It seems like

everyday there is a killing or crime that is on the news. And the truth is that there are.

People that commit these crimes are not evil, they are misunderstood. They might have

grown up in the wrong place and been influenced in the wrong way. Their minds could

have been manipulated by a person trying to get them to do something. Racism is also a

key thing for igniting fights and starting conflicts. People do, do things that are wrong at one time but, later they will wish they never did anything at all.

In amidst the injustices of life today there are occurrences that happen every once

in a while that really showcase the sincerity of humans. To have goodness happen there

needs to be people that will display the qualities that are needed to turn people around and head them in the right direction.

I tend to think of the Iraqi War to be an example of this. The Iraqis were a people

controlled by an evil dictator. He had mnipulated their mind so much that they would kill themselves for him. The people did not know any other way but his because they had not been introduced to anything else Then, we came in and drove him out of power and set up a democracy. We acted as the a person that wanted to help a confused person to do better and succeed.

An other great example also has to do with Iraq. Years after the over through

Saddam Hussain and the Taliban Regime, there are still some that stick to their old ways.

These few try to cause as much trouble for us as they can. Every day there are bombings

and killings. But on one cold day in Baghdad it started to snow. It was the first time in

rememberable history. That day there were no killings, no bombings, not a single act of

violence the whole day. It comes to show that the most normal occurrences can bring out

the best in a person. This I believe