This I Believe

Ann - Meeker, Colorado
Entered on January 29, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: death, family

I read your essay of a mother who found a silver lining after her son’s passing. My heart is torn out, my body racked with pain, I simply cannot go on without my oldest most beautiful, kind, loving, clever, and all knowing son. This I believe, when I see any parent who is lucky enough to have a precious one of their own, that they will hopefully never know the truth that I have run into like a brick wall. Sometimes I see them chiding a young one, or rolling their eyes when talking about their teenager. My heart cries out to them, “Hold them, grab their hand, take them to the zoo, listen to them and tell them they are the most precious person in the whole world.” Because they are. We are so burdened it seems with our own baggage, needs and day to day demands that it is impossible to understand what it would mean if suddenly we lost a person that we take most for granted. My son and I would talk about when he finds a wife and has a child how I will live with them and help care for his daughter. When he was put out with me, instead of saying that I would live with him and his family, he would say that I could live in the same city or down the block from him, and we would laugh. Lastly, this I believe, it really doesn’t matter how smart they are or how great of job they get out of college, or how many A’s they get in school. So long as they are hugged daily, held closely, and cherished often, they will prevail.