This I Believe

Louis - St.Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Education comes in many different forms. For many it is a journey from elementary school that culminates in a college degree. For others it is a trade school that prepares them for an occupation. In either case the education one chooses is the key to a future that will meet personal and professional goals.

As time passes personal goals may change. This is when the wise person once again returns to the values of education to re-invent themselves and perhaps begin a new journey, a journey that will lead them to a new and challenging career. How hard you work in school, how much effort you put into your education will live with you for the rest of your life. If you don’t, you will not do well and most likely not be able to get a very good job, a job you enjoy. Many people have a job they don’t really enjoy, that doesn’t challenge them, but because of a lack of education have no choice. Education allows you to have choices. The ones who applied themselves in school will be the ones who can do anything with their lives and pick from many careers. They have the choice that if they take a job they end up not liking or does not allow them a future, they can change. Those who did not pursue their education are more limited in what they can do and can offer to an employer.

Education allows for more opportunities to be successful financially which benefits our economy. Also those that are more educated are more likely to invent new things that are useful to others, or they will be the ones who find the cure to cancer or Aids. They will be the ones who will saves thousands of lives all over the world. They will be remembered for their accomplishments. It has been proven that those with a poor or little education are more likely to commit crimes and end up in prison. They usually are not very happy with their lives and have to deal with the stress of not have much money and not being able to provide for their families. Unfortunately, this affects their children and unless the parents stress the importance of a good education or they listen to their teachers and apply themselves they will end up living the same life as their parents. Education truly is the key that unlocks many doors, its up to you to use it.