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Scott - Manchester, Missouri
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Scott Sommerfeld


The Price of Success

Success is not something that comes easy to everyone. Success is seen as being the result of different ingredients put together to achieve a person’s highest level of accomplishment but really in any category in life it is improving one aspect and making it better than it was before. In any category in life, success is improving one aspect and making it better than before. Success may be achieved after competing against an opponent or it may be achieved from performing personal best. Success begins with a motivation, then followed by a commitment, and finally perfected to achieve such an accomplishment. There is only one thing that can make all of these steps coincide with one another; hard work. Success is the result of hard work.

Throughout my whole life, whether I was on or off the field, hard work paved the way for my success. As a kid, I set my goal in life to play Major League Baseball. This goal cannot be possible without the pain and stress endured with hard work. I strongly believe that dreams can be reached, with the effort of hard work.

On the beaten path that I have paved my way up the baseball ladder, I have climbed many rungs but not without slipping on some. At times, the rungs are closer together, and at other times, they are out of reach. My ladder is over twelve years long and after each one of those years, I have climbed a little higher.

My rungs really seemed to get farther apart around seventh grade during my middle school days. I challenged myself by being on a select baseball team, and for the first time I was outside of my comfort zone. The summer of ‘04 had its ups and downs, mostly downs, consisting of its share of injuries and difficult opponents. I was no longer the best on the team; rather I was one of the worst.

The following fall, I had a plan to get stronger. So, after school I went up to the high school to start lifting. From there, I was put into the Freshmen baseball weight lifting class. Not only was I outside of my “comfort zone,” but I had to push myself to compete with the older kids. There were times when it was hard, but I kept one thing in mind, the ladder.

The lifting class lasted four months and for the first time, I had been stronger than I had ever been in my life. My dedication and hard work paid off because later, I was asked to be the manager for the varsity baseball team. With that position I got the privilege to practice with the team and push my self to stay at their level in order to make it up to the next rung of the latter. I experienced an even greater amount of pain and stress than I did before on my select team. That summer, I led my team in hitting, and quickly was asked to move up to a higher baseball team. The pattern continued as I led the team in hitting once again.

The months leading up to high school were the foundation of my ladder. Many dream of becoming successful but never invest the time or hard work that it takes to get ahead in life. After just one year, I worked to turn myself into an average baseball player into a great baseball player. Hard work is what connects the gap between being “good” and being “great.” Even today, I continue to build off of what I have started in reaching my goal. I am far from where I want to be, but the road to my destination is being paved by hard work.