This I Believe

Nicole - Ballwin, Missouri
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

It is said that to be famous there is a price to pay by having attention but I don’t think celebrities would expect it to go this far. When we look at the tabloids and see a celebrity in a situation why is there so much controversy over it? Most celebrities go through the same things we do yet get attention for it. This is because of the media. The media’s job is to follow celebrities and catch embarrassing moments and put them on the spot. Sometimes they stretch the true to make the problem look worse than what it really is. I believe that the media is taking their job farther then what it needs to be. The stories I hear about people following celebrities to their houses, cars, on the streets, and into stores is just crazy.

Most of the concentration with the media is towards the children celebrities. This makes many people worried because to start a career at such a young age makes them have to grow up faster. By this I mean the children have to act mature when in the public eye. When having the spot light on you as a child you may miss out on a lot of your childhood causing some of the problem. By missing out most celebrities as they get older want to start partying and going out doing things they haven’t done before. This is where the media comes in and basically uses there headlines to make it look like the celebrity was doing too much partying.

Sometimes the media puts too much stress on the celebrities and gets them mad. They use this as an advantage to get better shots or story lines but, today some people have taken action against the media. They do this by suing which is proven that sooner or later will make them back off a little. Most celebrities who are suing are for false information being put out there. The sad thing about this whole situation is that what the celebrities go through after working so hard to achieve their dreams.