This I Believe

Bettina - Webster City, Iowa
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There’s Always a Brightside

When something bad happens, most people dwell on the negative things. What most people don’t know or think about is that there’s always a brightside to anything. Whether it’s big or small there’s always something. As the saying goes, “the grass is greener on the other side.” In most situations it is. Because of my personal experience, I believe there is a brightside to any situation no matter how bad the situation may be.

I’ve had many bad experiences which I’m sure everyone has had or will have in their lifetime. This isn’t a perfect world, so no one can have a perfect life all the time. In the past, when something bad happened, I always seemed to think of the negative things. For example, when I was younger, I had gum stuck in my hair. I didn’t know how to get it out and neither did my mom. So I had to cut my hair. I actually cried and whined because I did not want to cut my hair. It turned out that I loved my new haircut. I felt a lot better having it cut. So I learned that having a little bad experience can lead to something positive.

That situation was just a little one, but I recently had an experience that was worse than gum stuck in hair. I actually broke a bone in my foot by climbing over my high school’s eight feet high football field fence. It’s a long story. I had to have surgery, so I couldn’t put any weight on my foot. So I spent a month on crutches and a wheelchair, and another month and a half rehabilitating. Again I cried, but I started thinking about the situation. Every time I thought about it, it seemed so funny. It was because out of all people, I was the one who happened to hop a fence in the middle of the night at a high school football field. I’m not really the daredevil type at school. This experience actually had lots of positive things rather than negative. The only negative was that I basically broke my foot. I thought of so many positive things such as making a high school memory I could tell to my grand children, I got to go to lunch early, and I even got to be pushed in my wheelchair by random classmates. The list could go on, and it show how bright the other side of any situation can be. So believing in the brightside might just eliminate the dark side.

After this incident, I now know and believe that there really is a brightside to everything. Regardless of how big or little situation is, anyone can see the brightside. Because of my experiences, the dark side is getting smaller and the brightside is growing. This I believe.