This I Believe

Emmalee - Magee, Mississippi
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


“For me, it might sound cliché, but beauty for me really does start on the inside. It’s like a state of mind, a state of love if you will. Then, whatever you can do on the outside is all like a bonus.” This quote was said by Queen Latifah and represents how beauty is physical and does not show who a true person really is.

Each day is a new day, which means there is always room for improvement. I try to live life to the fullest, and I have learned through many experiences to never judge. It is funny, yet sad, how often people are quick to judge others without knowing anything about that person or where they come from. Being judgmental is only one of the many negative qualities exposed in our society; it only takes one person at a time to make a difference and with this, our world can become better each day. I have been guilty of using wrong judgments and have tried to better myself as a person by putting differences aside.

A great motto to live is “Beauty is only skin deep,” and knowing that physical beauty is superficial and is not as important as a person’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual qualities. In today’s world, people depend upon what the eye sees much more than a person’s soul and mind. Although some people one might meet in one’s lifetime appear to be standoffish, for one to take the time to get to know that person makes all the difference. I have experienced this a few times recently and it has taught me to be open and accepting. I feel as if forgiveness is one of God’s greatest gift and we, as human, take the emotions of disappointment, resentment, and anger for granted sometimes.

I was always taught to look past a person’s physical features and reflect upon this as one of the most valuable lessons to learn in life. Queen Latifah is a great example of a person who is accepting of her own natural beauty by displaying positive and humorous traits through the things she was blesses with. Beauty is only skin deep. This I believe.