This I Believe

Zach - ballwin, Missouri
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

“I Believe”

I believe in hard work. Hard-working people tend to better off in life and have good habits. Those people have good jobs and do fine money wise and tend to be good people. These people are my idols.

Hard-workers seem to always do very good work. They seem to get things done on time and have routines. Their routines often consist of good things and good work. Hard-working athletes seem to do the best at their sports too. They always exceed people’s standards and meet their own personal goals.

Hard-workers always have good jobs and get things done promptly and sufficiently. When you do those things you make good money. Money is a powerful thing in the American economy and if you have a lot of it you can take care of people. These people are well respected and have an adequate amount of friends. Things in life do not come easy so slackers tend to not get those things done.

The American society is generally increasing in hard work. We are getting more work done and our productivity rate is up. These people who take their jobs seriously and do their jobs correctly are my heroes. Good things happen to people who work hard. Those people are generally good people, treat people fairly, and get jobs done correctly and quickly. The more of these people there are the better a place can be. These people’s kids are probably going to carry on their ways since that was how they were raised.

When I am older, I will be the hardest worker at my job. Every one of my family members is a hard-worker and will be a hard-worker. With a new generation ahead of the world I think things will run more smoothly and more fluently. Hard work can change the whole world.