This I Believe

Nathan - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature, sports

Nathan Herron I Believe


I believe that hunting is not a barbaric sport. Hunting has been around since the beginning of time. Some think that it is fine and ignore it but others may think it is bad for the environment.

The term “hick” is sometimes used to describe hunters. I hunt and I do not think of myself as a hick at all. People think hunting is killing an animal and eating it, in a way it is, but we also respect the animal. Poaching is not hunting. Poaching is killing something for one thing on its body and leaving it where it is. That is not hunting, that is killing something for your own greed. Firearm safety is a big part of hunting and you would never run with a gun unless there is an extreme emergency.

Some animals such as the bald eagle the owl and many other creatures are illegal to shoot. The first time I went hunting I thought it was going to be easy but it takes patience and silence. There are cases were groups want you to kill an animal in particular, such as a wild hog. People and the Missouri Conservation want these wild hogs out of Missouri because they destroy crops and other farm land.

I started hunting at the age of 11. I have thought of it as a good bonding time between my Dad and I. I know hunting can sound, barbaric but done correctly and with respect to nature, it can help every one in a different way.