My Valuable Opinion

Gregg - LaGrange, Georgia
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that there are wounds that time can not heal. I believe there are some things that do not get better; they just have to be endured. There are instances of pain so intense that they blot out the will to breath, and the desire for your heart to make the next beat. There is a paralyzing fear that accompanies these truths that threaten to cover you in a warm blanket of denial and avoidance that provide an illusion of keeping life at bay. You must learn not to look through the transparent façade of everyday life at the ant farm of tragedy and peril that lives behind the pedestrian pursuits of consumer electronics and reality television.

What makes life significant is going out into the world, smelling the air, tracking through the mud and trudging on. The cowards among us swallow handfuls of pills or lead or go out kicking at the pine scented air while the rest of us face the next day, clean up the messes, polish the brass, tighten the fittings and try feebly as we may to get along with each other. Putting one foot in front of the other, we try very hard to avoid any bear traps that we most likely left there for ourselves, in our absent attempts to create our own mark at the expense of others.

You learn to live for the small things, an unexpected phone call, your child’s laugh, a rare snow day, or the feeling of warm rain on your face. If you carry your bitterness through life, then it is your own fault. We are all working our way through life with similar goals, and in your head, you are the protagonist of every one of your tales. Significance is what you make it, everything is only as important as you allow it to be.

These beliefs have made me one of the happiest, most carefree people I know. I do not wake up every morning expecting to win the lottery, instead, I expect to do good work and be rewarded for it. I do not expect to command nations, but if you get to know me I guarantee that you will like me. And if I can not make you laugh, then you have a malfunctioning humor system