This I Believe

Bradley - Van Buren, Arkansas
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Decisions must be made in life: shoes or sandals, pizza or hamburger, and red or blue. Decisions, that sometimes teenagers shouldn’t have to make, could change the life of his/her family or friends.

Differences exist between an unfair decision and a dilemma. An unfair decision is were you have the choice of a good outcome and an outcome that is good for a person but bad for another. A dilemma is having to make a decision that has two possible bad outcomes and one is just slightly less worse than the other but the only reason it is, is because of a slight luck of the good involved.

A dilemma like situation: two girls that like a guy, one of which has had a background with one of the girls, and the other girl the guy had just had a long liking for her but she is taken willing to be with the guy if he makes the decision to chose her over the other girls. But the guy has a thing for a girl that is pretty much perfect for her, and then there is only one bad thing that prevents him from being with her… distance. With previous experience the guy knows that distance is a terrible inconvenience. So does that leave her out of the picture? Of course not, that prevents the guy from wanting to be with another girl. The guy doesn’t want to jeopardize his friendship with the other girls just because of an infatuation of this far away beauty. The background girl likes the guy, but she really doesn’t know why, the guy also likes this girl for the curiosity of the relationship. The girl that is taken wants the guy and would chose him over anybody else to be her companion: this is a three outcome dilemma. First, the guy can be with the girl that would make his curiosity go away. Second, be with the girl that is far away but never see her. Last, be with the girl that would always be there for the him.

After the dilemma has been sought out, then the decisions come in to play, where to take his girl on a date, chocolates flowers or both. Decisions are easier to make than solutions. Usually the decisions come after the solution. Friends or family, or eggs or bacon. You decide