This I Believe

Jared - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that it is your fault. And yes, I am pointing my finger.

Responsibility is never accepted by anybody for anything, the good and the bad. The most thanked people at awards are God and “mom”. I have never heard “Yeah, I did it” on television, especially on sports shows or court programs. Athletes thank a higher power, and criminal suspects have a glove that “doesn’t fit”.

I blame people for my screw-ups in life, especially when it comes to work, because nothing is my fault. I am a “smart but lazy” person. I do not like to work, someone should make me. But of course, I have to do everything on my own, even making myself work.

I had a collaborative project to do in the seventh grade. I did nothing on my project until the day before it was due. I stayed up very late; I ruined my work, and made my friends angry. My friends finished their work before me, and theirs was better than mine. I was angry at them. But I knew that I failed myself, and had cheated doing the work early and hated it. So I learned that life gives, and what it gives is mean and that you have to take what is given to you.

I also believe that you should take it like a man. Two days ago, another mall murder-suicide happened in Omaha, Nebraska, almost like the Tacoma Mall shooting in 2005. The suspect, Robert Hawkins, had broken up with his girlfriend, and had been fired from his job at McDonald’s. He had killed eight people and wounded five others before killing himself. Rather than accepting that his life was less than perfect, he decided to kill people, and himself. He did not fix his position in life. He was a coward, and was not strong enough to create positive change.

Rather than denying accountability of my actions, I just say “sure, I did it” and the world is a lot less complicated. And if what people think that what I did was “inappropriate”, and decide to punish me for it, I just take it like a man.