This I Believe

Jennifer - Helotes, Texas
Entered on January 28, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe

I believe optimism has driven my attitude for a successful life. I was born into a dysfunctional and pessimistic. Living, feeling and seeing my entire family struggle with drugs, alcohol, abuse, money and divorce has led me to seek something different in life. I could have continued on in life blaming and regretting but I couldn’t. I had a choice to change and be someone different, to lead a life of happiness and not feel controlled rather be in control of my life. I’m proud to admit, I have been a positive influence in my family’s life. All of this in a nutshell has shaped and molded who I am today and why I believe in optimism.

What is optimism? Optimism is defined as having hope for a positive view of future outcomes. I need hope to live my everyday life. My optimism has seen my through many of life’s experiences like childhood, friendship, marriage, birth, parenting and death. It’s been said that we should live for today and not worry about tomorrow. I disagree. Tomorrow should matter. Our attitudes, beliefs, and values set the path for tomorrow. I believe hope is all we have to get us through the everyday life struggles. For many of us the past has brought us to the present. Taking time to understand the impacts of the past will pave the way for our future. Although the past may present challenges or road blocks for all of us, we have many more opportunities to make a difference in our future. Having a positive attitude will open many doors which are key to a successful life. I believe fate stands behind every door. I believe we are challenged daily to select the right door but also to understand and grow from our mistakes as we make them. Instead of expecting the worst to happen in life, think positively and allow hope to drive our success in life. I didn’t grow up living the stereotype “Leave it to Beaver” family. My family struggled to remain a family. When I became a wife and mother, I decided not to avoid the unknown but rather take the challenges and road blocks head on. My optimistic attitude has allowed bright future and not only successful but meaningful life. I don’t want to have regrets in life or think “shoulda, coulda, woulda”. I wake up each morning believing today will be different. Everything I do today will impact my success for tomorrow. Success it not living in the most luxurious house, driving the most expensive car or the amount of money I have in my bank account. My success in life will be the hope I leave behind with my husband, children and family I leave behind. I believe optimism drives your attitude for a successful life.