This I Believe

Katherine - Birmingham, Alabama
Entered on January 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I can still hear my grandmother saying,“ If I had known life would flee so quickly, I would have made better use of the opportunities given to me.” I never thought much about what my grandmother was saying until a few years ago when my brother’s life almost ended. I realized how fragile life is, and that life truly is a unique opportunity to cherished and used to benefit others. My time on earth is brief, but my potential impact is immense.

The reality that death is real, and life is finite became aware to me when my older brother, William, almost lost his life during his senior year of high school. The loose steering on his Tahoe caused it to collide with an eighteen wheeler going at a fast speed on the interstate. My brother was thrown out of the passenger window of his car which saved his life. Upon being thrown out, the car crossed the median, and two oncoming cars hit the side of his car. His car then flew over the guard rail and passed safely between two trees, twelve feet apart. Upon arriving at the hospital, he survived with only three pelvic fractures. My brother was unable to walk at his high school graduation, but he healed fine over the next few months. I saw God’s amazing power in sparing his life when he should have been killed. A fraction of a second in timing anywhere along the path would have caused his death. God definitely had a plan for my brother’s life.

William is now a strong influence for Christianity. He avoids the alcohol and other influences of college friends and rarely misses a Sunday church service. That strength and conviction has influenced my life. As I go through my daily life, I realize how important the actions to help others and influence others to live a Christian life are. My life could end at any time, therefore I should make the most of each day that I have and not waste any time.