This I Believe

Taylor - Newbury Park, California
Entered on January 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Tuesday morning; it was a rainy, gloomy, “don’t want to go to school” kind of day. As I dragged my tired, soaking wet self into class, I hoped that the clock on the wall would never read that dreaded time: 7:40 am. I heard the complaints of cranky tired students as the time of terror approached. However, our teacher had a surprise in store for us. A student in the class had completed a video project, and he wanted us to watch it. The teacher pulled down the projector, turned on his computer, and pulled up the video. As soon as the movie began, the students sat glued to the screen, their eyes fixated on the tiny black and red logo that adorned the top left corner. The hope of a promising day, that one simple word: youtube.

Whenever I’m sitting alone and in desperate need of a good laugh, youtube never fails me. I search for videos such as “laughing baby” or “fat people falling down”, which always put me in a better mood. When students are sitting around their college dorm rooms, bored of the guitar hero game they have been playing all day, they know that there is a better alternative. As soon as they turn on their computers and type youtube into the url bar, their looks of boredom will turn into that of pure ecstasy. Nothing is more magical than people bonding over the hilarity of a swearing child, or the comedy/tragedy of a man killing a seagull with a golf ball.

Not only does youtube bring friends together, but it unites families as well. One would think that a 64-year-old well-respected dermatologist would spend his spare hours studying medicine or taking a brisk walk. However, with my dad, quite the contrary is true. Whenever I walk downstairs in my house, I see the computer light reflecting of my dad’s face as his uproarious laughter echoes through the house. The cause of this madness: youtube. Not only is our parent’s generation united by youtube, but our grandparent’s generation is as well. When my dad was watching the crazy alcoholic, screaming baby in the Will Ferrell classic youtube video, “The Landlord”, my grandpa couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. Now he likes youtube even more than I do.

Youtube also occupies the time of those with “no life”. Whether people watch pointless videos or make ones of their own, youtube never fails to entertain. And being a youtube star is just a click away. Push “upload” and instantly become “that guy from that one youtube video……I think.” Millions of people will have the opportunity to view your random and strange video. Of course whether or not they actually take the time to watch it is up to them.

Who knew that one website could hold so much hilarity and bring people closer together. Some believe in peace, some believe in helping others, I believe in youtube.