John - Ballwin, Missouri
Entered on January 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone is imperfect, but should strive for more. This I believe. We all strive for something better. We set goals for ourselves and push ourselves to get there. For example, I would some day like to attend a four-year college. I study hard in my classes and take the ACT in the hopes that I will reach my goal. Everyone has a goal that comes to mind. However, one day I saw a friend of mine get an incredible grade on his Chem test. A 78 out of 74, pretty good. I then looked at my mediocre 60 out of 74. He pointed to his paper which had one “X” mark on it and said, “Damn, I should have remembered to put the decimal point over”. I thought he was nuts. Here I’m satisfied with a B-, and he’s over there complaining about his A+. After thinking about this for a couple minutes I realized he wasn’t complaining, he was merely stating that he had room for improvement. He wanted to improve as much as possible, even if he was one point away from perfect. I looked at my paper and said I needed a lot of improvement.

On another day, standing in the check out line at Wal-Mart with my father, a baby was crying, screaming, and kicking behind us. The mom was doing her best to calm the kid but it just wasn’t working. Seeing that she only had a box of diapers and lotion to buy, my dad offered our spot in line to her with a smile on his face. She thanked him and gladly got the child out of store as quickly a possible. The cashier leaned over to my dad and whispered, “Thanks, I bet you wanted that kid outta he fast, too”. He laughed and replied, “No, the mother looked like she was having a rough day so I let her through. I try to be a little nicer every day”. He said it in a joking manner but it was true. He does try to be nicer every day. Maybe I should be a little nicer every day.

Then I pulled it all together. I could try to be nicer and work harder, that’s not too bad. Maybe be more clean and a little more helpful. Try to be a little happier, and a little less mad every day. I’ll never be perfect in any of these categories, but by doing just a small amount each day; maybe I can be a pretty good guy. Then I realized what if every one did this? If everyone tried to be a little nicer, a little more understanding, a little more helpful to each other. We would never reach perfection, as human beings we are inevitably cursed with imperfection. But maybe if we strived for just a little bit of this every day, and not only work on our own distant goals, maybe the world would be a better place. And be even better tomorrow. This I believe.