This I Believe

Ashley - Yorklyn, Delaware
Entered on January 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage


I believe I courage. This is one major characteristic that everyone needs to have. If I didn’t have any courage I don’t think that I would be able to face the tough obstacles in life. Everyone uses courage whether it’s going to a new school and making new friends or making a drastic change in life.

I had to use a lot of courage a couple of times. Both of the times were when my dad was in the hospital. He has gone to the hospital for almost the same reasons both times. So he was really the one that had to use the most courage. The first time he was in the hospital was because his legs just wouldn’t work. The second time he was in the hospital was because he had an infection in one if his legs and his other one wasn’t working right again. He was in the hospital for days at a time. The scariest part was when the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The doctors thought that it could possibly be limes diseases or MS but they are still not sure.

When my dad was in the hospital he was worried and also angry because all he could do all day was lay in the boring hospital bed. My whole family was scared but we stayed optimistic. My dad had many tests done and saw many doctors but whatever illness he has is still unknown. As a family we have been using loads of courage to get through these frustrating and nerve- wracking times but we believe that everything is going to turn out okay.

Courage gives us the power to take chances and to get through hard situations. Just imagine being afraid of heights and then going up in a hot air balloon. So much courage would be used to complete that task. If no one had any courage then I think that everyone’s life would be dull and boring because they would be afraid of everything and never try out anything new.

Courage is used every single day in life whether it seems like it or not. It is what helps get through those days when nothing is going right. With courage there would be no more wondering “well what if I did this?” and what would have happened if?” The answers to these questions would already be there. As I look back on previous years in my life I see that courage was always used. It was used even when I didn’t think about it. Courage may not seem like a lot but it is really everything. This I believe.