This I Believe

Emily - Bainbridge Island, Washington
Entered on January 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Almost everyone has an ipod, and I believe in them. If you take an ipod turn it on, click a few buttons, scroll through the artists, you get a pretty good picture of who what this ipod is all about. Sometimes the name of the song, doesn’t describe the whole ipod. Just because there is a song called “bubbly” doesn’t mean that the ipod is like the fish in Finding Nemo who is obsessed with bubbles, or walks around with a smile on its face all the time. No I think that with ipods you need to listen to the whole song. Dig deeper.

No two ipods are the same (well normally) they all a different shape, different gigabyte levels and most of all different songs. I have a blue 3rd generation ipod nano, it has 8 gigabytes. It has Broadway music, Christian Rock, Techno, rap, pop, and kids from an orphanage in Tijuana singing songs.

In this past year, I went to Mexico for a month and I left my ipod at home , but I had an AMAZING experience. When I came back, I added and deleted songs, and I believe that this was a fine change. I believe that we all need to take the risk, leave our ipods at home, and be ready to experience new music. Sometimes we change our songs for better or for worse.

I believe that ipods are private and that we can have songs that no one else knows about. But I also think is important that we share a head phone with a friend, or anyone else who will listen. But more than that I also think we need to be willing to listen to other people ipods. When they just bought a cool song they want to share or when they just need a friend to sit next to them and listen.

Humans are like ipods. This I believe.