This I Believe

Gabrielle - Shaftsbury, Vermont
Entered on January 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyday Heroes

I walk through my school every day and never see a single Superman or Batman. However, strolling down the hall on a daily basis, I realize that every person I witness is a hero of his or her own.

Hero is a word perceived differently by each person. One person may claim a hero is a human being who shows unnatural traits, while another may say that a hero is someone who is able to make others happy. Many believe a hero saves the world with an enormous feat or has the ability to save anyone from danger. However, this is not what I believe.

I encounter heroes every day of my life. If a person can make me laugh, or even smile, even once, he or she would be one of my heroes. A hero does not have to be Superman; he or she just has to know how to make someone’s day better. When I look into anyone’s eyes, I can tell that he or she is a hero. People have good intentions deep in their hearts and desire to be another’s hero. What many fail to recognize is that he or she already is a hero. This person is a hero to that individual they made grin from ear to ear yesterday, today, and for every day to come. Heroism is possible to ordinary people who are able to make people smile by being themselves, without any great feats of strength or daring required.

Out of all the everyday heroes that I have encountered throughout my existence, it is hard to pinpoint one as being above the rest. However, my best friend, Genna, has always been there for me, returning year in and year out. By my side since I was less than a year old, she always knows how to brighten my day. Genna keeps me going from one day to the next. When I wake up grumpy, I am certain she will be able to turn that bad day around. Whether we are driving in the car or watching a movie as we fall asleep, I sense heartfelt warmth in my body that tells me she will always be connected to me like Siamese twins. Genna is my hero because she will never leave my side and she will help me when I am in need; she can make me smile whenever and wherever I am.

I know that many significant people in life will always stick by me as I continue to grow. If he or she is there for me, the person is always open for conversation and can quickly come to my side if I require help. My family, my friends, and my everyday acquaintances are always there. They are my everyday heroes. My heroes’ abilities to make me beam transcend the supernatural abilities of Superman and his other fellow superheroes. Those superheroes cannot make me feel as great as my true heroes do. True heroes will be there that one time when I’m sad. They will be there that one time that all I need is a good laugh. They will be there that one time that I need someone to raise my spirits. The heroes that are real people will be there. My everyday heroes will be there.