This I Believe

carmen - San Anotnio, Texas
Entered on January 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that my generation is one of the most important in history. What we have seen and been a part of thus far and what I believe we will witness in the years to come, could easily be some of the most significant times concerning the further advancement of the future.

As a young adult, I am currently drowning in and can’t wait to be a significant voting factor in the next presidential election. Up until now, any African American and female being considered as a presidential candidate has never made it as far as the two leading candidates today. With the election less than ten months away, it is my belief that one of these candidates will be our next president, which would be an astounding milestone in history. One that may give women and blacks motivation to obtain any dream they may have.

Politics are a big deal, but there are some issues making progress in leaps and bounds, let’s talk about science and medicine. About a week ago a California research team reported the successful cloning of a human embryo. Before this triumph we were all ready successfully cloning some animals. What does this mean for us? With this discovery we are closer than ever to having on hand organs for victims of fatal diseases.

Medical and scientific discoveries are not the only issues advancing faster every day. Technology is growing so fast, I imagine the depreciation equation of my current cell phone or television probably looks like a steep downward hill. When I was in elementary and middle school, I did not have a computer at home, but I had access to one at school. Granted I was playing Number Munchers and Oregon Trail on a black and green screen, I was still using a computer with more proficiency than my mother and father. Today, we not only have computers in our home, but they are wireless and handheld, and give us access to the World Wide Web wherever we are. Today’s technology is limited only by our minds.

My mother says that it was in the 90’s that she remembers global warming becoming a reality and talked about on a national level. Today, hybrid automobiles are a reality and millions of people are “going green”. Scientists say that category four and five hurricanes have doubled from 1990 to 2004 as a result of the water temperature increasing. Due to over all temperature rising globally, ice caps are melting and it is projected that within the next ninety years our sea level will rise enough to completely engulf some islands and eliminate some of our coastlines.

This is huge. We are the money makers, the home buyers, students and the future of our economy that is headed towards recession. We truly are living during some of the most important years of the future.