This I Believe

Julia - anchorage, Alaska
Entered on January 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe in originality. I always feel ecstatic because I can dress, or do, or play anything I want because it’s how I express myself. When I see something that I think is AMAZING I don’t want my feelings to be suppressed, I want to show it off proudly. Modesty is definitely not one of my traits, I pretty much always say or do whatever comes to mind, which is what I do to define my originality. When I see people around me, I want to know what they have to say too. What can I say; I don’t want to find myself in a crazy déj—vu. Nobody likes meeting the same person over and over. I like it when I can see somebody’s originality in what they do, wear, say, or even sing.

I remember going to this rock-fest summer jam last summer, it was the best. But, my most memorable part wasn’t the music; it was seeing this little girl. She was probably 7-8 years old, but she was one of those corky little tots. This chick was like my new idle. She had the sickest orange overalls, with a bright teal t-shirt underneath. And even better her shoes didn’t match, just imagine that outfit with these tight checkered little Vans Slip-ons, it was WONDERFUL. She also had one of those choppy little side bang cuts, with really long perfectly straight hair on both sides, and man-o-man did she rock out. She was amazing, and I remember thinking to myself “that girls got spunk, serious spunk.”

To me originality screams guts and uniqueness, somebody who’s not afraid to show exactly who they are in what they do is awesome. I try to I exercise my freedom of FRESHNESS every day. Why would I hold back when I could be amazing? When I choose between being average and extravagant, the answer is clear, Clearasil clear, because I believe in originality. So the next time you see the checkered vans in the store window make sure that you are always expressing your originality.