This I Believe

Amber - Marshfield, Vermont
Entered on January 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

Amber Graves

January 25, 2008This I Believe

Killing Me With Your Love

Although I would like to make parents happy and say I agree with the statement “I’m secretly glad my parents are strict with me.” I cannot because I am an honest person. I can sympathize with parents on how children can be handful, but then again I am no longer a child.

However I can not lie and say that being strict is a good thing. In fact, as a young person, who has strict parents I believe it is a horrible thing indeed. It is a horrible you yourself were once a young person, of a different era. It is true, things have changed since then. We have computers, the internet, cell-phones, ipod’s and we can even have boys that are just friends. Not all of us envy and are controlled by drugs, booze and sex. Some of us are more mature than you may realize. I am proud to say I am one of these individuals.

I myself am uninterested in sex (and no I’m not gay.) I am also uninterested in the latest high in less you mean happiness. The true happiness that comes with the natural high of being a teen and having fun, doing the things you love doing.

But you are the crusher of my happiness. It is you who suffocates me under your watchful eye, and it is you who is killing my heart and soul. Like a wild animal in the zoo, I to need freedom. I crave it, I dream about that day when I am free. And I am sorry you can’t see what you are doing. You are selfishly keeping me to yourself, but I think I would be a glorious gift to the world, the best you could ever give.

I also fear you will never realize this. I will never learn from my mistakes because you will never let me.

You will never trust me, even though there is no reason for you not to. No reason not to trust the “Good Girl,” the one has never gotten in trouble at school, not once. The one who only yells when you try to shield them form the world.

Well, guess what? My high is music, singing, studying, learning, drawing, painting, laughing, dancing and just being myself. What’s sad is you will never see me like this because how can you be wild in a zoo? You can’t.

I am not afraid of the world around me, but I am afraid of one thing: that you will never truly see me happy.

I believe you love me, as I do you, But I believe it is your love that may just be slowly killing me. This I believe.