This I Believe

James - St. Petersburg, Florida
Entered on January 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Mankind’s existence is a story of success and failure, triumph and tragedy. From the rise of the Roman Empire to the Holocaust, human civilization has celebrated great feats and suffered unthinkable adversities. Our increasing ingenuity makes us more efficient, and whether we yield more crops or reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we make our existence more sustainable, more affordable and more enjoyable. Despite our growing effectiveness, our world is still a volatile place, with poverty, war and nuclear weapons; all problems we’re capable of solving. So why the dilemma?

History’s greatest success stories come from men who had a vision. Our minds work at their best when we imagine what we desire and know why we desire it. Inspiration has come from man’s desire to be the best or to do what’s right. Men like Martin Luther King Jr. know in their minds that there’s something to be fixed. Inspirational men and women lead the way in changing the way we think and live. As a nineteen year-old, I think our society is lacking those kind of people. With the advent of the media, the political arena has become a spectator sport more than a place for great change. In an age where man has more opportunities to change the world than ever before, our ‘well’ of visionaries seems to be drying up, leaving us in quite a disposition at a precarious point in our existence.

Every man can’t be expected to rally mankind in making the world a better place to live, but surely there’s somebody out there with the potential. When a visionary rally’s his people, they see his vision; they come to realize the importance of such changes and how they ensure our children will live in a world we want them to live in. I for one don’t want my kids growing up in a world where there’s a risk of nuclear war and global warming. I can’t imagine anyone else does either.

The changes we need to make today are more dire and inevitable than ever before. We’re no longer talking about civilizations and races, we’re talking about humanity. We’re talking about the real possibility of unleashing nature’s fury upon ourselves, and the real possibility of losing many of the wonderful things we as humans have achieved. This is common sense, yet the institutions we created to ensure our livelihood are not making adequate changes.

I believe mankind is ready for inspiration. We are looking for the kind of great men who lead the masses in attaining long term goals. Every man has the part in him that wants what is right, and it takes a special kind person to bring this part of him to the surface. Rather than argue and accuse, manipulate and deceive, we need an inspirational leader who touches the part of us that desires making good changes the right way. I believe that time is now.