This I Believe

Braden - New Glarus, Wisconsin
Entered on January 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Live and Laugh

Braden P

Every day people laugh with me, and sometimes they laugh at me. I believe that if you get down on yourself, the situation will worsen. So I stay happy and hopefully the situation will stay happy. I stay happy and enjoy life by being funny or trying to be funny, which makes everybody laugh and it makes me happy. Having fun makes the day bearable. Without fun the world would be boring.

Every day you make a choice: be fun or be boring. I choose to have fun. At least ten times every day I witness people looking bored and people just being sad and I say to myself, “How do these people make it through the day?” They must find joy in being sad and dreary or they wouldn’t do it. Even if things are emotionally or physically tough at home, you can still make the best of what you have. The things you have are things someone else doesn’t have. You have to make the best of what you have. I make myself and others laugh to make my day.

Every day the choice you make to be fun or boring reflects how people think about you. I admit that sometimes I think people look pretty stupid the way they enjoy their life—like nudist colonies—and maybe they think we look stupid. Yet that is the choice you make and you shouldn’t care what other people think about it. People may refer to me as stupid or my jokes are dull, and I kind of take offense to it. But I don’t let it affect the way I live my life.

Every week I usually get in trouble for trying to have fun by being funny. This is the price you must pay in the inexperience of trying to have fun. Getting in trouble has made me a lot more aware of when to be funny and when not to be. You have to know people’s lines and if you can take a few steps over without getting in trouble. With experience the lines get clearer.

Every second that I’m awake is how I use my ability to make people laugh. Take yesterday for example, geometry was really boring, and I made a few jokes that got me in trouble, but it put everybody in an enjoyable mood and that makes me happy.

Everybody can be fun or funny in their own way, they just maybe haven’t found it yet. Happiness runs in a circular motion. Don’t worry be happy. If you ain’t laughin’, you ain’t livin’. These words don’t mean anything, its how you interpret them and how you take them and apply them to your life.