This I Believe

Wisarut - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

If you ask me what I believe. I would say many things, but if you ask which one is the most significant. I would say “Slow but sure”. It gave me a lot of things and changed in my life. Which one would prefer rather slow down and get a good work or hurry up and ruin it.

I’ve learned from my Electone and Guitar teachers. They both are great musician and they gave me the same theory, but first I didn’t listen to them, because I thought that music should play fast for more fun, but you know what, I was wrong. So I tried to slow down, when I know the entire note and the way my finger should go, then I will go a little faster. And I got a 96 percents, but I hadn’t used it as my habit yet.

I’m not quiet sure when I started to use it, but I guess it should be when I was 5th or 6th grade back in to Thailand, where I came from, because it was the time that I got better grade than before, and because I spend more time to read the question and make sure I got all the information is in the space between my ears and ready to answer the question. So I guess it should be when I was 6th grade.

First before, I came to United States as an exchange student. I have to pass the tests that ask me the question in English. I and my friend were the only 9th grade kids, while the other competitors were 10th and 11th grade. A lot of them looked down upon me and my friend. It made me so nervous, but by the way I have my secret weapon in my head, the space between my ears, that is “slow but sure”. I was the two last people who finished the test as the last two people, but both of us won. I won the third place but the other girl who finished the last one won the first place. I wasn’t the first place, but it still made me proud of what I did. And I can look down upon those people who were looking down upon me. It brought me back the confidence.

I’m so thankful for my teachers, who gave my the advise, but I still have one thing that I disagree with my teachers, because sometimes slow also has mistakes. Assume that you were an athlete, sometimes too slow and the coach will kick you out from the team, or you have a date with a cute girl, trust me don’t be late. I was late one time, I ride a motorcycle and I tried to go slowly because I was a beginner, I was too late and It ruined all the beautiful day, even change a princess to a witch. But that the only mistake that is not too hard to fix. You just ‘Be punctual’ and everything will be all right.

Talk about what ‘slow but sure’ gave to me. Back to Thailand. It has changed my life forever, from an unknown normal kid in a stupid band as a stupid guitarist. One time my school had a competition, we got together to practice. We were practicing very fast, and we get nothing, everyone was so mad, but after we started over again, but this time we slow down, because I told them to, and guess what we did it. On the day we had the competition we won the second place, as a brand new band. We rose up to be one of the famous bands in my school. A lot of people know my name and my friends. We did it from a no name band. I got a girlfriend but we broke up two months ago. Let’s not talk about it.

Anyway, I would love to recommend you to slow down from the rush. It might help to change you, because I was an aggressive but now I’ve calm down a lot.

I think I will keep using it, for the success of my life and significant change. And let’s see what I can do