This I Believe

Breanna - Metamora, Ohio
Entered on January 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe…

I believe that best friends bring you happiness. Actually, I know this thanks to my roommate, Nicole. Nicole and I were always very close, but in high school we didn’t have the same friends, so we somewhat grew apart. I was on all of the sports teams, and that is who I began hanging out with. Nicole lived on the other side of the district, so she made friends with people closer to her. However, we still remained friends, but it was just not how it used to be. We did not go to each others’ houses every weekend like in elementary and middle school. In middle school we had every class together for three years and shared lockers. I even used to go on family vacations with her. I have many memories from our childhood that I will never forget.

I am an extremely independent person. I was very excited to come to college and move out of the house. However, as the time got closer to choosing a college I began to grow scared and nervous. I ended up choosing a college close to home. I requested a dorm with my best friend since fourth grade. Again in college we became inseparable. Nicole and I do everything together. College was a huge adjustment. Therefore, I believe I would not have stayed my second semester at school without Nicole. I find myself being away from Nicole for two hours, and I have to text or call her about something. I am having the time of my life in college. I do not feel alone or scared because I have the support I need here.

We have fun in everything we do. I love laughing with my best friend, and then a month later laughing about the same things. My best friend can turn a simple night into an unforgettable one. A real friend is someone who will always be there. You never have to second guess their faith to your relationship. Personally, I confide in Nicole. I would never be able to keep my emotions bottled up inside if I could not talk to her. A real friend is by your side through thick and thin, and that is how I know a friend is true. I wish that everyone had a friend that they can talk to. All in all, I truly believe that friendship brings you happiness.